Blogging Update

I’ve learnt lot of exiciting things in 2016, but I haven’t shared those stuffs in my blog in 2016. This year, i wanna change that habbit and ensure that i regularly blog my thoughts.

Last year, i was trying to migrate my blog from wordpress to my own hosting and thought of managing myself. With that in mind, i tried many other options.

Since I’m a developer, habbit of reinventing stuffs will be part of me and so decided to write my own blogging application which i wrote it in Java (using JEE 7) and MongoDB with nice REST API’s and deployed that to Openshift platform. It was a nice project and got a good experience from that.

And then i saw people using static site generator and impressed by that fact. The advantage of static site is that you can host it in github pages and manage it in a repo. So, you’ll be writting blogs in markdown format using github editor.

So, I started deploying my blog using JBake as well as Jekyll at the same time. I liked the simplicity of jekyll and chose it as my choice of tool. Jekyll works well with github and i really liked it. I didn’t stop there, i was working in an android mobile app for fun. I had an old Nexus 4 (with CyanogenMod OS) lying on my room. So, i decided to use it for some hacking purpose and end up with running an light-weight web server on that. I tried to host my blog on that device and opened my firewall for the internet. It worked!… But i can’t keep running this forever, because of the security. I started seeing weird connections to my devices and realized that someone is trying to hack my web server and get into my device. It’s unsecured!.. Then i stopped running that application on my device and closed the firewall.

I did this kind of cool & fun stuffs in 2016 without actually publishing a blog post. After few months (in 2017 starting), I saw the shinny wordpress desktop application for Mac and impressed by it. Dropped all other options and moved back to awesome wordpress. Now, I know what’s like developing an blog application and hosting it on your own and writing it on Markdown format and securing it from hackers. I don’t have words to say how awesome wordpress is. Sometimes we don’t realize the value simply because it’s free.

That’s the update!…