Micro Benchmarking with JMH: Measure, don’t guess!

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I’m sure you’ve all heard that assigning a variable to null helps the Garbage Collector, or not declaring a method final improves in lining…. But what you also know is that JVMs have evolved drastically and what was true yesterday may not be true today. So, how do we know that our code performs? Well, we don’t, because we are not supposed to guess what the JVM does… we just measure!

Measure, don’t guess!

As my friend Kirk Pepperdine once said, “Measure, don’t guess“. We’ve all faced performance problems in our projects and were asked to tune random bits in our source code… hoping that performance will get improved. Instead, we should setup a stable performance environment (operating system, JVM, application server, database…), measure continuously, set some performance goals… then, take action when our goals are not achieved. Continuous delivery, continuous testing… is one thing, but continuous measuring is another step.


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